Valorant: An E-Sport Game Amidst Pandemic

Valorant-Landing Screen
Jett, Astra, Yoru, Viper, Phoenix (Left to Right)

So what is Valorant exactly?

  1. Unrated: This can also be called the “chill” mode. Gamers play this to practice new maps, agents and their different abilities. The first team to win 13 rounds are the champions. This match lasts for about 30–40 mins.
  2. Competitive: As the name suggests, this can be called the “serious” mode. This has a ranking system where the ranks start from iron and goes till radiant (iron being the lowest). People apply different strategies and combination of abilities in order to win rounds. The outcome of the match decides whether you rank-up or rank-down.
  3. Deathmatch: This is a place where gamers practice their aim. A set of 20 different agents all play together with only goal of killing the agent that they see. This way they can practice their aiming skills and warm-up for competitive matches. This goes on for about 5–7 minutes.
  4. Spike Rush: This is a short “unrated” concept. So, instead of 13 rounds, it has a best of 4 rounds.
  5. Custom: This mode is essentially to organize tournaments.

How does this game make profit?


How do the players earn?

Any downside in this game?



What’s your Favourite Agent?




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Mihir Nikam

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